I am very thankful to have many great testimonials. All of these are shared with agreement from the client and if a name does not appear it is for anonymity reasons.

Terry Templin shares about his experience with technology organizing & training on his computer.

Terry Templin

“JoyGenea has such a positive outlook on life and her job that she is a joy to work with, literally. Relieving duties and stress were number one on her list and on my list, so her business is a big success in my mind! Keep up the great work, Joy!”
Patti Johnson

“JoyGenea you would not believe all the important documents I have been able to find when I need them. My friends passport even! Thanks” per a text message from a client

“Organizing & Inspiring Solutions “Cards to the Stars” –Business Card Freedom-program is essential to our business. It allows us to quickly find phone numbers and addresses, as well as keep our desk less cluttered. It is so much more efficient than searching through a packed rolodex hoping that the card you’re looking for is in the correct place. When our computer crashed and we no longer had the program, we were lost without it. We can’t wait to get the program back so we don’t have to search through the phone book or try to find business cards that might still be floating around.” -Goldeneye Framing & Gallery

I know that many people visiting this page would like to see photos of Before and After. I did a lot of research and spoke with many professionals in the business before making this choice. I do not take before and after photos. Trust and confidentiality are very, very important to me and my clients and I never want to jeopardize that relationship by having someone notice a personal detail in a photo. Anytime I have published photos it is agreed upon prior to the project and part of the purpose of my assisting them.

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